“My Review of Mummy 2017”


Tom Cruise shines; Spoiler alert!! If you haven’t seen the movie yet you might not want to read this! Don’t worry I won’t give away the ending!

Well, I really don’t like horror movies, as a rule, but this one is certainly an exception and I would recommend anyone that is a Tom Cruise fan to go and see it or rent it; whatever you have to do!

The movie itself leaves a lot to be desired but, Tom Cruise usually does most of his own stunts and I have never been disappointed. The middle of the movie, though, I gotta say, was quite sad in the fact that when they met the old rendition of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. It makes me want to say, “PLEASE, REALLY”? “Is this what you’ve got”? After a great lead up they kind of drop you off of a cliff with no cushion to fall on. If it wasn’t for the action in this film I would have just turned it off and said forget it!

Ok, wait a minute…

The Egyptian princess, Amunet, has an extensive history all it’s own. The Egyptians idolized her as a Goddess brought here from birth by humans, I suppose, but history never is quite sure that she was not a myth. Just that the Egyptians, probably to this day, believe that she walked the land in human form even though they depict her in hieroglyphics as having a head of a serpent. Anyway, she was believed to have power and was evil because of this so they mummified her alive, which has to be worse than being buried alive, then embalmed her with mercury to keep her from using her powers because it was believed that mercury killed evil powers.

Okay, all of this is good and well. But, they could have taken a little better care of their story line if they had paid attention to the fact that when they loaded her onto the plane that she would have still had mercury in her body or what was left of it. So, technically, she wouldn’t have been able to do all of those bad things she did on the plane. Mercury does not dissipate or dry up especially if it is inside something. That’s why they used it in thermometers. So that was kind of a big red flag for me, which they were probably hoping no one would notice, cause it meant that you were suppose to be so wrapped up in the plane scene and the horrific crash that broke open her tomb that she labored to slither out of quickly turning this into a glorified zombie movie. But, by then everybody has completely forgotten about the mercury!

Now, don’t even get me started on the zombies! Everybody knows that, from past zombie flicks, zombies cannot take orders or understand anything but blindly walking and looking to devour anything that is not a zombie cause they can’t think, right? Yet when she sucks the life out of these guys to create their zombiness she orders them to, later on in the movie, crab Tom Cruise and hold him down. She’s sucked the life out of them, they have no brain waves, let alone reasoning power.

In fact, the only redeeming quality this film has is the fact that Tom Cruise did such a good job even with a crappy story line and misguided science facts a middle school science student could have caught. I mean, I get that they were trying to have a great sci-fi movie here and they are allowed some poetic license, if you will, but come on! They could have done a little better with their writing after spending this much money on the film.



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Pamela Kay Conoly

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