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The little idea that made a phenomenon around the World!

Remarkable Colors for your soul!

There are a lot of fabric, fashion, pyramid or whatever you would like to call them but, over the past five or ten years there has been one that has stood out, quietly, among the rest that has been standing the test of time for quite a while.

This small humble idea spawned, what is now, millions of artist contributors across the United States and all over the world and there are new artists contributing every day. Yet, there are still people that do not even know that such a company exist.

There have even been other retail companies that have added their names to the big awesome lists of their collaborating companies to sell some of their selected items from selected artists. They do advertise a lot but I have never seen them advertise on television only on social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and the like.

But, aside from that many of these artists use You Tube as a medium to talk about and display their items that they have created through Vida in things like unboxings of their displayed items on their websites from Vida.

This is Artist Anna Maria Fazio and her Design collection. One of the thousands of artists all over the world that design for this company!

I myself am also one of the many freelance artists around the world that works for them. My videos are not quite as flamboyant as most of the ones I’ve seen and I have never done an unboxing, so to speak. But, I have sold a few ideas along the way and that was very satisfying. Even though, I have been doing this for a number of years now, I still like to do my art for me and my own personal niche.

Your muse is your muse. Meaning no one can tell you what to like or dislike. They can only tell you what they do not like.

Pamela Kay Designs

Video by Author

For the most part this company actually cares about the people and places all over the world where these exotic beautiful fabrics are made. When someone makes a purchase the artists get there commission and a large portion goes to the workers for their education. No, they are not children, they are adults that simply work hard for very little but, enjoy what they do. Some people would say that it is not fair. Some would even say that it should be illegal but, all in all they are paid just the same and giving an extra incentive from Vida of San Francisco.

They also have various advertising programs that they offer their artists which they can take advantage of or not. There is no pressure for them to pay or join something they do not want to so they can display their art. As a matter of fact they have advertising freedom to advertise there artful fashion creations anywhere they want. Like You Tube, Facebook, Twitter and the like.

These beautiful people work very hard to make these custom orders to get them out. They work around the globe in many countries such as China, Indonesia, Thialand, just to name a few.

Yet, from every sale the company makes they donate a percentage of their profits to educating their workers that put together these beautiful, remarkable items.

These wonderful designs that the artists send in are printed onto these imported fabrics which then go to the workers that turn them into wonderfully created items such as scarves, apparel, home items and much more. Custom designs made to order from the fabulous hands that put them together so extraordinarily! Each one hand made and one of a kind, unique and different as the person ordering the item. It may take some time to get it but, it is surely worth every bit. But, also there are some things here that are made in the good ole USA, as well!

But, as I have said before, there is a story behind every piece of art, there is a story behind Vida as well. Down below is a video that tells just that story. From the very beginning , the whys and hows and the what is of Vida. I think you will be amazed at what has put this amazing company on the map and has started such a viral response to the art world!

The Vida Story.

There are man partners that collaborate with this company to make all of this happen among others is Lord and Taylor. They very carefully and painstakingly pour over thousands of artists work until they find just the right one that speaks to them. If you are an artists for Vida and one of your designs gets selected, it is the highest honor, of which, you can be proud!

When an artists work is chosen, no one knows where the work of art came from but, Lord and Taylor. It will be relabeled with the Lord and Taylor name but, the artists is well compensated having sold their designs. So everybody wins in the end.

Where Art meets Luxury Fashion! Abstract artist Michelle Hold designs for Vida and 2 of her designs have been selected for a special collection.

Now, there are many skeptical people that may say that this is the worst possible scam in history and that they are just trying to rip people off anyway they can. Well, as a Vida artist as well, I’m here to tell you that is just not true. There are just too many people involved in the makings and behind the scenes of this company that makes it work everyday. When an artist sells one of their designs they get there commission faster than you would think. AS a matter of fact, they are always there to help with whatever you need. In the workstation where you do most of the uploading of the art for the fabric there is a little tab in the lower right hand corner of the computer screen. It’s always there, it never goes away because they are always with you in case you need help. I know this because I have had to ask questions and had trouble a time or two and they always get back to the artist with post haste. In a big hurry.

The other thing is the fabric. Most of the fabric is either made in said country where the item is being made. So, the prices are high end. But, the quality is excellent. Yes, normally unless, it is coming from here in the USA, it’s going to take a while but, have you ever had something that was real 100% cashmere? I mean the real thing with no blends of any kind coming straight from where they actually make it to imported here. There is nothing like it in the whole world and when an artists gets to put their signature on a garment of this type because its one of a kind design not found anywhere else in the world, it’s a really fantastic feeling.

There are many people involved in the business of fashion and advertising. Some make it, some don’t. This company has surely made it happen while helping others along the way. I am proud to be an artist for Vida. Granted I am just small potatoes but, proud nonetheless!

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